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Created in 2007 as a subsidiary in Spain of the Aqua-Techniek group. Company specialized in the production and marketing of filtering media for water treatment. Our main products are anthracite, garnet, pyrolusite, calcium carbonate, active carbon, etc ... We provide service and solutions to different engineering companies as well as private companies both in Spain and throughout Latin America. All our products have been strictly selected and produced under the corresponding EN regulations for use in drinking water.
Since the beginning of 1977, Aqua-TECHNIEK has specialized in the improvement of water quality, through filtration with granular filter media. A complete range of products has been compiled for years according to the needs in different areas and different types of water, resulting in a range of filter media unique to the treatment of all types of water.

Our greatest quality is the specialization, recognized throughout the world through our image and reputation.

We have supplied our products to small, medium and especially large-scale plants around the world for the purification of drinking water, industrial water, waste water, as well as for pool water and for other special applications. Upon request, we can provide you with a list of the most representative plants in the sector that may be of interest to you.

Products and Applications


Inert Filter Media For Filtering Suspended Solids

Aqua-Cite is selected natural anthracite, high hardness and clean. It is used in one or two layer filters for the purification of all types of drinking water, wastewater, process water and swimming pools.

Inert Filter Media For Filtering Suspended Solids

Aqua-sand is 100% natural silica, processed through a refined process, together with a constant quality control, raised to high quality medium - free of clay, fines, organic matter or any other contamination, complying with all standards international.

Inert Filter Media For Filtering Suspended Solids

Aqua-gravel comes from the same source as Aqua-sand but has superior granulometries of this siliceous product. Normally two or three layers of Aqua-gravel of different granulometries are placed under the Aqua-sand to prevent losses through the nozzle system, as well as to help the distribution of the water and / or backwash air.

Inert Filter Media For Filtering Suspended Solids

Aqua-garco is a natural mineral with physical, chemical characteristics, hardness and uniform microstructure, which provides the essential properties for a wide variety of industrial uses. It is used in filters of one, two or three layers, favoring considerably the filtering quality.

Inert Filter Media For Filtering Suspended Solids

Aqua-volcano is a porous and light filter medium of volcanic origin. Its rough surface makes it very suitable for filtering all types of waters with suspended solids content.

Filter Media For PH Increase, Remineralization

Aqua-juraperle is a granular filtering medium with a purity of 99.1% in Calcium Carbonate. Due to its micro-crystalline structure, its performance is superior to that of other types of calcite. Aqua-juraperle maintains its activity in the pH adjustment, even after having eliminated high concentrations of iron and manganese.

Filter Media For PH Increase, Remineralization

Aqua-semidol is a high quality product produced from pure dolomite. With a specific thermal decomposition reaction, the magnesium contained in the dolomite is released with the help of CO2.

Inert Filter Media For Iron And Manganese Removal

Aqua-mandix is a natural manganese dioxide, agglomerated without additives and free from contamination. Used as a wildcard for the elimination of iron and manganese catalytically by means of a single filtration step, even though the working pH is not ideal.

Medium Organic Filter By Adsorption

Aqua-carb is granular activated carbon. The raw material is mineral or coconut shell of great hardness. It receives a special treatment before its activation with steam. We can offer different granulometries and qualities, depending on the contaminants to be eliminated. Its main applications are elimination of chlorine, odor, taste, organic matter, pesticides, surfactants, etc.

Inorganic Filter Media By Exchange And Adsorption

Aqua-multolite is an alumina silicate known as clinoptilolite. During its production it is compacted, screened and separated from impurities. Its components sodium Na and potassium K, allows you to make an ion exchange of ammonia and other toxic heavy metals present in water and solutions. Aqua-multolite has a skeletal structure composed of macro structure channels, which allows the adsorption of ammonia and organic.

Granular Material Crystallization Processes By Softening

Aqua-garfine is a natural mineral with physical, chemical, hardness and uniform microstructure characteristics, which provides the essential properties for a wide variety of industrial uses. This iron-rich aluminosilicate, known as almandite, has the formula: Fe3Al2 (SiO4) 3. Texture and uniform composition in all its granulometries.


From Aqua-TECHNIEK, we are aware of our responsibility, knowing that millions of people consume drinking water daily, which are treated with Aqua-TECHNIEK products. For this reason, our quality criteria is sometimes more demanding than some of our customers' specifications. Nothing is more important to us than the optimal water treatment.
For each type of water we offer the right product. Sometimes it is necessary to design the filter with the right combination of products, where each one does a different job. Our service includes all the necessary assistance to recommend the best filter medium in each specific filter or application.

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Technical Office

The staff of our technical office can guide you in your questions regarding the application and maintenance
of our materials, as well as in the development of designs adapted to each of your needs and projects.

We have a wide technical documentation, which we can put at your disposal, such as technical specifications, design parameters, expansion curves in backwash, load loss, fluidification and granulometric.

All our materials have been selected based on the best quality that the water treatment sector needs to obtain the correct functioning and performance of the filters. Each and every one of them has been tested and approved for use in waters for human consumption.

Warehouse And Distribution

We have more than 3,500 m2 of warehouse, for the storage and distribution of our materials,
with delivery times to all Spain and Portugal of 2-3 days.

We adapt our packages in sacks or big-bags, trucks with opening of sides or frigo,
maritime containers of 20 'or 40', according to volumes and destination of the materials.

Our warehouses:

Pol. Industrial Can Cavaller
C/ Bo Cavaller, 4 nave 9
08262 – Callús (Manresa), Barcelona
Tel. 937 869 176
Hours: 8-13 h and 15-17 h

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